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Green Tea

Green Tea is one of the healthiest drink on earth. Due to its antioxidant and nutrient components it is not only delicious (hot or cold) but also have many health benefits including increase in brain function and fat burn and it lowers the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart deceases. For your tea time, we offer you four absolutely delicious green tea flavors!

Delightful Lychee Jasmine

Wonderful Synergy of Jasmine, Green Tea & Sweet Lychee fruit. With a sweet fruit...

Details $ 18.00

Formosa Gunpowder

Astonishing Body, Delightful Taste & Memorable Fragrance! The leaves are rolled...

Details $ 18.00

Orange Oolong

Romance, Romance, Romance, the orange oolong is the perfect blend for romantic time...

Details $ 18.00

Organic Cherry Rose Bloom

The cherry flavoring and subtle rose hints give the tea a wonderful exotic character...

Details $ 18.00

Organic Strawberry Field

Refreshing taste and indulging fragrance, this cup of tea will fill your mouth with...

Details $ 18.00